Instagram and Our New Reality

Accepting Instagram as the new reality

There’s an episode of Black Mirror called Nosedive where in our seemingly not too distant future we all have social scores ranging from 0 to 5.0 that everyone can view and influence.  Every interaction you have with someone can be rated by either of you -- yell at an uber driver and not only would you uber rating take a hit, but your human rating too. In the episode, the protagonist’s ranking is considered in everything from her job assessment to apartment application to a friend’s decision to make her a maid of honour or not. 

That’s intense and scary, but with technology continuously snuggling up into our lives, it’s not so difficult to imagine a scenario such as in Nosedive. Which makes me think of the phenomena that is Instagram. The once selfie-focused app has over the past 7 years reverberated throughout all facets of society. In the launch of Netflix’ Bird Box, the marketing team engaged Twitch gamers to create buzz for Bird Box, by playing their games blindfolded, known as the Bird Box challenge; there are Instagram accounts of avatars that have 1m+ followers; Dan Bilzerian became a global force from simply sharing his life. Instagram is becoming its own world, sort of like the Oasis in Ready Player One. The social media app has become a lot more than just a place to post or like a photo.

As I noted in our post iPhone OVERLOAD, in 2018, US adults were spending about 3 hours & 35 minutes on their mobile devices. To say we’re plugged in is an understatement. My millennial generation didn’t grow up with Instagram or smartphones. I wasn’t ‘gramming in the 2nd grade like kids are today, but I am now. A lot of my extended social network spends a good chunk of time on Insta, but few of them actually post or share a story. They’re there to laugh, cry, salivate, like & DM, but generally have reticence when it comes to directly share. But with movies swapping out million dollar plus marketing budgets in favor of a few kids Twitching it and digital animations becoming influential personalities, are we missing out?

#MoreLife to live your #BestLife

Directly or indirectly, our digital presence is becoming more and more intertwined with our physical presence. And that’s what leads me to the reluctance I’ve seen in others in not pursuing their #bestlife and utilizing Instagram in some fashion.

Not all of us have the desire, or time, to become influencers, but accepting and embracing Instagram as sort of a new reality for ourselves seems more inevitable with each passing day. Instagram has become an extension of our world, a tool for crafting your life narrative or launching a new business; you can have a $0 marketing budget, but your business can take off if you utilize Instagram by posting the right content or enlist the right influencers.

So, what am I trying to say?

I’m suggesting that Instagram and the future Instagrams that will inevitably follow, are becoming new realities for us as they integrate more and more into our lives. Digital, ever-growing immersive experiences that augment and shape our physical realities by constantly altering how we communicate and live. Whether you use Instagram sparingly, all day or never, the digital world that are now “apps” may soon very well be, our worlds. I, myself, go back and forth – sometimes I use it frequently and post, and other times, I don’t open the app for days. Regardless of which side of the Instagram world you’re on, be cognizant of it because like in Nosedive, your apartment or job could be at stake.

Written by Daniel Rizza

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