Everyday hacks to more Sapien.

Too tired to work out. Too busy to cook dinner. Too short on time to walk instead of drive. Life is a very busy place and making a real lifestyle change is difficult. But with some small changes here and there, you can begin to build a foundation upon which you can implement that elusive change.

Those changes are repetitions. The more repetitions you do, the stronger & better you become. Over time, new habits will emerge and things will change. In a study in the European Journal of Social Psychology, Phillippa.


Stairs over escalators

We spend more time sitting than in any previous historical period. We also used to run from lions on a daily basis. Stairs ain’t so bad.

Stretch/light while watching TV

Want to watch 4 hours of TV? Fine. Do sit ups, push ups, hold a plank, etc… when the commercials come on. And if it’s DVR, aim for every 20 minutes.

5 push-ups every time you walk into a new room in your home

5 push-ups, 15 lunges, 10 squats, etc…. whatever you’re comfortable with, pick one & every time you move from i.e. the kitchen to your bedroom, do a set.

Walk and talk

When having that small business meeting or coffee, take a scroll.



Drink Water

Over other “healthy” drinks like juice – sugar is in virtually everything. Avoid it when you can. Herbal and caffeinated teas, if you need an extra boost, are great alternatives.

Meal Prep

Cook once, get 4 meals out of it. Or 10. Find healthy foods you like, cook once, clean once, store once, eat for days.

Don’t Shop Hungry

Grocery shopping when you’re staaarving is almost guaranteed to end poorly. Make a list, stick to it. Don’t go hungry and you’ll reach out checkout with the cart of a champion.

Eat Slower

There are no doubt times when we’re famished and it can’t go down fast enough. BUT eating slower and being present while eating helps prevent overeating. Slow down.


Read Something

Whether it’s a few news articles or a book in bed, read! Reading improves your concentration, expands your vocabulary, makes you more interesting along with a host of other benefits.

Quiet The Monkey Brain

Start with shutting off for 1 minute. Sit comfortably, close your eyes & focus on slowly breathing in and out of your nose. One minute, that’s it! Do that every day – ideally when first awakening – and before you know it, you’ll be up to 10 minutes and feeling accomplished. Boom.

Go Outside

Sunlight exposure has a ton of benefits, but beyond that just being outside for as little as 15 minutes has been linked to better mental health.

Do the Tip in Your Head

Put away the phone calculator when the check comes. You can use it to double check after! Take the number divide it by 10, multiply it by 2. Simple enough, no excuses.


Smile Because It’s Healthy

Even fake smiling will get the job done and yield benefits. Improved mood, reduced stress, increased productivity are just a few of the benefits.

Be Positive

The glass should always be half full. Negative energy spent worrying is literally draining and inhibits performance. Be nice to yourself too. Don’t be too hard on yourself or call yourself names.

Call / Visit a Loved One

A relative, a close friend, a partner, whomever. Don’t text, visiting can be tough to do regularly, but you can squeeze in a 5-minute call. Humans are social animals by nature, be social.

Say, Write, Feel Thank You

Whether it’s the love of a partner, a good work situation or a great workout, reflecting on the positive and expressing gratitude in some form is great for your disposition and mental state. Write down 3 things every day that you’re grateful for.


Set alarms

Pick a time each day, say, 11:00 AM, where you dedicate a few moments to appreciating the good in your life.

Tell friends and family

In doing so, you’re making yourself accountable. Encourage them to stay on top of you. Seek out support Want to run more?

Find a running club

Actively seek out friends, groups, organizations, etc. to create structure.

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