The Silver Lining and Then Some – Gratitude, baby

Giving, having and thinking gratitude sounds like one of those new agey suggestions like women eating their placenta after birth (yep, that’s a thing) BUT it doesn’t make it any less true. Judge it on its own merits, not placenta. Focusing on the good in your life, especially when you’re down, and appreciating the silver lining, can have profound effects on your outlook, stress and overall well-being.

Nowadays it’s really easy to get caught up in all the minutiae of everyday living. Your rent payment, your insurance, your nagging mom, your dating apps, your cell phone bill, your credit card bill (!!!), are just a few of the things that take up precious headspace of ours on a daily basis. And that’s fine, that’s normal, that’s life. Unless you fall off the face of the Earth, those things likely are not going to go away. In fact, if you progress along the typical Western life, your life will likely only get more inundated and consumed with more responsibilities and the like.

So find some time each day to time-out and give thanks for what you do have, what is good in your life, will strengthen your mental resolve and make all those other obligations, burdens, and responsibilities that much easier to meet, address and deal with.

Happier Human

Freshen up your disposition and frame of mind. You’ll be happier. Gratitude is strongly correlated with optimism. Optimism > pessimism, always. #HalfFull.

More Likeable

Social. Capital. Being overall more gracious will likely lead to you being more trusting, nicer, social, affable and appreciative. This will lead to more thoughtful, caring people in your lives. Positivity breeds positivity.  

Up your psych game 


Gratitude reduces a multitude of toxic or negative emotions, everything from envy to resentment to frustration and regret. As well as lowers your risk for disorders like depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and phobias. 

Sleep soundly

Focusing on the positives instead of the negatives helps keep our heads clear and less frantic when ours heads down to slumber. A  2011 study published in Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being found that writing in a gratitude journal improves sleep. More than anything it’s about having a conscious practice of gratitude. Writing it down though in one place will help make it a routine. Consistency is King.

Stress Down, mental strength Up

Being cognizant of all you have to be thankful for no matter your current circumstances cultivates resiliency helping us bounce back from stress.

Better Physical Health

According to a 2012 study published in Personality and Individual Differences, grateful people experience fewer aches and pains and report feeling healthier than others. Being gratitude is being conscious and thoughtful and not surprisingly, grateful people are more likely to take care of their health by exercising more often and more likely to attend regular check-ups.

    Be happy, be grateful. It’ll make you a more stable, thoughtful and affable person. No one wants to be around someone negative, or who complains constantly. We all have problems and issues, and there are outlets for venting your frustrations (workout anyone?), but be cognizant of how it comes out, you don't want to project your feelings onto others. We all have the ability and opportunity to cultivate gratitude. Simply taking a few moments to focus on all that you have – rather than complain about all the things you think you deserve or want. Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life.

    Remember, the glass is always half full, even when it's not. 

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