What my daily Keto day looks like

We all have our own style, our own ways, our own quirks, our own habits. With keto seemingly exploding all across the globe for people with various fitness, health and lifestyle goals, I wanted to share how I keto. My diet is really all about living lean and minimal. I genuinely enjoy fasted workouts and just tend to maintain higher energy levels when I keep the tank low. I’m sure if I was a dedicated salad eater I could eat more and feel just as wonderful, but I prefer to just starve intermittently & drink lemon water. This has been my move.


When I wake up the first thing I always do is drink warm lemon water. I aim for somewhere between 16 & 32 ounces - I'd say I average 22.4oz a morning. 

As of late, I’ve been putting about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar as well to start my gut off on the right foot for the day. It tends to help me stave off hunger pangs a bit too which is a nice little plus.  

Through the morning I’ll have anywhere from 30-75 ounces of water depending on the day. Intermittent fasting or not, I'm a huge fan of water. Getting roughly 100 ounces on average, it's my most dedicated health pursuit.  

At 1pm I’ll crack the seal usually with some combo of brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados. This won’t be meal sized nor snack sized, somewhere in the middle. When breaking the fast, I focus on quality fats, proteins and at times, low GI carbohydrates. 

1:30pm I'll have a cup of coffee usually blended with a tablespoon, sometimes two, of grass-fed unsalted butter which helps sustain the caffeine uptick. 

Around 2:45pm, my stomach is ready for a larger meal. I've noticed I'm better by stacking this second meal shortly after to get the energy boost I need. I'll go for a raw spinach salad with a colorful mix of vegetables, nuts, a protein, like hard boiled eggs & usually an avocado.

Later on around 4:30pm, I’ll snack again similarly to the above at 1pm, but sometimes I'll opt for some berries. If I have a more intense workout planned than I’ll focus focus on my carb allocation for the day. 

I drink water throughout the day with no set target, but usually another 24-48 ounces during this time. Not too much because I don't want to interfere with digestion from the meals.I tend to like tea in between meals to help with digestion and settle my stomach. I'll usually go for a lemon ginger tea, green tea or herbal. 

If I'm drinking coffee that day, I stop by 4:30pm. If I push it past there, it usually mess with my sleep. 


Dinner is the fun part. Either a big colorful salad like lunch time or more usually, a protein & some sort of side, usually steamed veggies with butter & pinch of sea salt. The protein is basically always meat, though at about 5-6x a month I’ll go with fish. 

Meats and fish I’ll usually cook in my cast iron with butter and garlic either stovetop or oven; ditto for mushrooms. Veggies a steam pot. 


Post dinner, if I’m being good, is usually just the same water routine though I’ll usually also drink a cup of herbal tea -- generally chamomile, there are plenty of other non-caffeinated, herbal teas in my cupboard, but chamomile has been a staple for a long time.

What do you think? Anything I should consider? Can do better? Leave a comment below!

Written by Daniel Rizza

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