SkinfoodSkinfood is a vitamin c and herbal serum that is applied to the face and neck to improve skin health


Rs. 688.00
Exogenous ketones and branched chain amino acids to help one reach ketosis and improve athletic performance, loss weight and improve cognitive functionKeto Complete is an exogenous ketones supplement for ketosis dieters to meet their nutrition goals

Keto Complete

Rs. 4,988.00
Turbo Pre-WorkoutTurbo Pre-Workout

Turbo Pre-Workout

Rs. 1,888.00


Rs. 1,688.00
Testosterone will boost a man's libido, increase energy levels and increase endurance and athletic performanceTestosterone boosters will help a man boost his libido, help to build muscle, and improve endurance

More Man

Rs. 1,788.00
Boost your immune system, increase energy, improve cognitive functionBoost your immune system, increase energy, improve cognitive function

Total B

Rs. 1,588.00
Biotin is an effective B vitamin that improves hair growthBiotin is effective for improving hair growth, clear skin and strong nails


Rs. 1,488.00


Pure, Safe & 3rd Party Tested


All of Sapien’s products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America. All Sapien formulas are manufactured in FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Registered and Inspected Facilities, and adhere to strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) Standards.


Each and every one of our products has a QR (Quick Response) code conveniently placed on the bottle label so you can review the certificate of analysis and confidently know, what you are putting in your body, well, should be put in your body.


Sapien supplements do NOT contain allergens, animal products of any kind, GMOs, artificial colors or flavors, chemical preservatives, gluten, or soy AND in veggie encapsulated.

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As a frequent consumer of nutritional products, I especially liked the bio absorbability of this product. I was able to feel the effects within a 2-hour period. It is on par with methylated B12 which is more expensive and requires placing something under your tongue. I would highly recommend this product

Fan of Fans - Amazon Customer

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