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Product Title: Sapien Body Biotin For Hair Skin and Nails 10,000 mcg with Organic Coconut Oil 

Vitamin B7 + Organic Coconut Oil for Healthier Hair, Stronger Nails & Clearer Skin*

Biotin, aka vitamin B7 aka the “beauty vitamin”, is a water-soluble vitamin that’s one of the 8 nutrients that make up the vitamin B complex. These 8 essential nutrients are major players in keeping our bodies performing at their peak; namely aiding in healthy metabolic, nerve, digestive and cardiovascular functions. Biotin is key for robust cell growth, production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. And yep, the cell growth part, that’s what’s driving the growth of healthy hair, nails, and skin. *

Biotin or vitamin B7 is a part of the vitamin B complex, 8 in total, they include -- B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 (#biotin), B9, B12. These 8 play an important role in keeping our bodies running like well-oiled machines. Helping convert our food into fuel and enabling us to stay energized throughout the day, they are vital to everyday living and performance.


So, what are some benefits of adding Sapien's Biotin + Coconut Oil blend to your diet you ask?


Healthy Hair

Little biotin, little hair, more biotin, more hair. Biotin is alleged to thicken hair and in fact is generally added to shampoos and conditioners. While biotin doesn’t actually grow hair faster or longer, it strengthens the skin organs - hair follicles – that produce hair.

Healthy Skin

Rashes, eczema, acne and even fungal infections can be a sign that you need more love from biotin in your life.

Strong Nails

Often added to nail care products some studies suggest biotin can prevent dry and brittle nails. All nail irregularities aren’t just manifestations of a biotin deficiency so be sure to check with a medical professional if you have i.e. white spots.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Biotin plays a role in the production of glucose in the body and glucose levels impact the amount of sugar in the blood. Biotin supplementation can be very helpful in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels which is key in the management of Diabetes.

Healthy Metabolism

Converts carbohydrates and fats into glucose it improves the metabolic processes of your body. In turn this helps your body digest food quickly and efficiently, aka lose weight.

Cognitive Improvement

More vitamin Bs, the better for brain activity. Fueling the brain is priority and ideal level of all vitamin Bs can aid in memory function and overall brain health.

Cardiovascular Health

Increases “good” HDL cholesterol and lowers "bad" or LDL cholesterol.

Build & Repair Muscle and Tissue

Keeps inflammation down giving way to growing and healing tissue.

Healthy Breastfeeding

Important during embryonic and fetal development for healthy bones and tissue. It continues to be delivered through the breastmilk of mothers during nursing.