Keep It Smooth With Skinfood

Our body is a machine that needs fuel to function, this includes our skin. Enter SkinFood. Sapien’s SkinFood is a topical herbal serum that includes Vitamin C, Aloe & other herbal ingredients formulated to improve skin health & hydration. Fight signs of aging, like wrinkles? Check. Improve skin elasticity? Check. Brighten & tone? Check. Your face & neck? Wash it, pat it dry, and SkinFood it.  

Benefits Include:

  • Boosts skins natural collagen levels - keeping your skin firm and smooth
  • Helps fight free radical damage caused by UV ray exposure
  • Accelerates healing associated with face shaving 
  • Reduce acne and lighten blemishes
  • Fights inflammation in the skin

How To Use:

Wash and pat dry skin. Apply a small amount to the fingers and rub into face, neck, and anywhere that needs some moisture!

When To Use:

Daily after your shower and anytime you need a little extra love to any skin area.